The design of 27th KIX SENSHU International Marathon finisher medal revealed.


The design of finisher medal for the 27th has been announced.


On the front side of a medal,

Kansai International Airport on an artificial island and the vast sea beneath it are expressed.

Kansai International Airport is off the coast of the finish venue of full marathon, and is the gateway of Osaka including Senshu area.


On the reverse side,

Nintoku-tenno-ryo kofun which was registered as a World Heritage Site in July this year (2019) is designed.

Keyhole-shaped Nintoku-tenno-ryo kofun is one of the world’s three largest tombs and located near the start venue.


The finisher medal will be awarded to the full marathon finishers and the half marathon finishers.

※The design of medal is subject to change without prior notice.