Competition Full Marathon (42.195km)
(2)JAAF members
(3)Non-JAAF members
*Full Marathon is officially certified by AIMS.

Challenge Run(20.4km)
Date and Schedule of Race Sunday, 12 February, 2023
(1)Full Marathon
10:30 am start
3:30 pm end

(2)Challenge Run
10:30 am start (subject to change)
1:00 pm end (2.5 hours after start time)
Time Limit The time limit is from the sound of the starting gun.
(1)Full Marathon
5 hours

(2)Challenge Run
2 and a half hours
Cutoff Times at Each Checkpoint Check the Course Map.
Competition Rules The race is conducted in accordance with the FY2022 official regulations of Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) and the official agreements of the Race Organizer.
Maximum Number of Participants (1)Full Marathon
(a raffle drawing)

(2)Challenge Run
(on a first-come, first-served basis)
Eligibility Please be informed that wheelchair athletes cannot participate in this race because of the race administration restrictions and other reasons.
Eligible runners must be 18 years old of age or older as of race day and complete the race with the set time limit.
Entry Fee (1)Full Marathon
Entry fee: JPY 16,000
Transaction charge: JPY 880
Total JPY 16,880

(2)Challenge Run
Entry fee: JPY 8,000
Transaction charge: JPY 440
Total JPY 8,440
Escort Optically Inconvenienced Runners (1)Full Marathon
It is necessary to register at the race entry. The runner can request two escort runners, but run with only one escort runner at one time.

(2)Challenge Run
It is necessary to register at the race entry. The runner can request an escort runner.
Runners Check-in Date
・Saturday, 11, Feb 10:00am – 3:00pm
・Sunday, 12, Feb 8:00am – 10:00am
(Challenge run participants : Sunday, 12, Feb 8:00am – 9:30am)

・Starting Venue, Hamadera Park
Participation Gift Entrants will be given a T-shirt as a gift at the check-in desk. Be sure to specify size on your application form. If non specified, male runners will be given a size L, and female runners will be given a size S. Please note that exchange is impossible in this case.

Size /  Height  /  Chest  /  Waist
XS /157 – 163cm / 81 – 87cm / 67 – 73cm
S /162 – 168cm / 85 – 91cm / 71 – 77cm
M /167 – 173cm / 89 – 95cm / 75 – 81cm
L /172 – 178cm / 93 – 99cm / 79 – 85cm
XL /177 – 183cm / 97 – 103cm / 83 – 89cm
For Finisher (1)Full Marathon
All finishers who complete the marathon within the time limit of 5 hours will be given a finisher towel and a medal at finish line. And an official certificate result will be available after the race by the end of March at latest through entry website “RUNNET”.

(2)Challenge Run
All finishers who complete the Challenge run within the time limit of 2 and a half hours will be given a finisher towel and a medal, and an official certificate result at the race day.
Awards (1)Full Marathon
 Place : Rinku Park
・Top3 male and female runners(General)
・Top8 male and female runners (JAAF members, Non-JAAF members)
(The awards ceremony will be held only for top 3 runners. )
・Top3 male and female at intervals of 10 ages.
(Under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or over)

(2)Challenge Run
 Place : Kishiwada castle
・Top8 male and female runners (General)
(The awards ceremony will be held only for top 3 runners. )
・Top3 male and female at intervals of 10 ages. (Under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or over)
Others 1. The organizer does not provide parking lot for participants.

2. During the race, please follow instructions given by police officers and staff on the route.

3. The course will have 7 checkpoints (or 3 checkpoint for challenge run). Runners who fall excessively behind will be instructed to leave the course at any points other than the checkpoints.

4. The 30th race guidance for international residents will be opened by the end of January at the latest.

5. Bib Number Pick-up Vouchers will be mailed in late January.

6. Runners may leave one luggage that fits in the plastic bag (size: W50cm x H60cm x D10cm) handed to you at the runner check-in at the designated place at the start area. The luggage will be transferred to your finish area. The organizer will not bear any liability for damage, theft, or loss of luggage.

7. If the event organizer grant permission, third parties may sell photos and other items.

8. Runners are not allowed to run the race with items that are not necessary for the race. [Fancy costumes prohibited.]

9. Concerning matters related to the race other than the above, please follow the instructions of the organizer.
Infectious Disease Control 1. This event will be held in accordance with the Japan Sports Association and the Japanese Para Sports Association’s “Infection Prevention Guidelines for the Resumption of Sports Events” and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations’ “Guidance for the Resumption of Road Races”., will be held after taking measures based on the infection status of the COVID-19 infection.

2. Those who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are recommended to have three or more vaccinations two weeks before the race.

3. If you are infected with the COVID-19 within two weeks after the race, please contact the event organizer. Also, please cooperate with surveys conducted by public health centers.

4. Personal information collected from the health monitoring check sheet designated by the organizer may be provided to public health centers, medical institutions, etc. for infection prevention measures.

5. If you do not cooperate with measures against infectious diseases, we may refuse to participate.

*For details, please check the information below.

The 30th KIX Senshu International Marathon COVID-19 Control Precautions
Criteria for Judging Whether or Not the Event can be Held If it is determined that it is difficult to operate the race safely due to earthquakes, storms, floods and other disasters, the spread of OCVID-19 and other infections, etc., the race will be canceled. If the race is cancelled, we will decide whether or not the entry fee will be refunded, and the amount to be refunded (the amount after deducting the expenses required for preparations until the cancellation).
Contact Details KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau
Address: Senshu Bldg. 27-1, Miyamoto-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka, 596-0054

Email: jimukyoku@senshu-marathon.jp

TEL: +81-72-479-3620
FAX: +81-72-479-3621

Office Hours: 9:30 – 17:00
Office Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, 30th Dec-3rd Jan
**Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)**