Event Agreement

Before applying, please agree to the following terms and conditions for the entry.

1. The organizer will handle applicants’ information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan.

2. Registration for both challenge run and full marathon is prohibited. Please make sure to apply for only one category. Duplicate application will be disqualified.

3. Any false information such as age, gender, record is prohibited, a third person is not permitted for run instead of the applicant in any situation.

4. Any false application regarding the rule 1) or 2) will be disqualified and all fees are non-refundable.

5. A runner under 18 years old must obtain the consent of their legal guardian.

6. Once the registration is completed, no refund will be given for duplicate or excessive payment.

7. All fees are non-refundable after application has been submitted.

8. Changing the race category is not available after application has been submitted.

9. Event organizers are not responsible for any delayed or not completed application due to your internet connection or software.

10. During the race, event organizers will provide first aid treatment only and not responsible for any further treatment.

11. The organizer will conduct the race in accordance with these terms and conditions for entry and the terms and conditions for the race.

12. Runners must not have any sickness, be in sound state of health and carryout sufficient training in preparation for this marathon.

13. Any sickness, injury and any accidents that occur during the race are personal responsibility.

14. In the case of an earthquake, storm, flooding, snow, or accident, the organizers will assess the situation and make a decision concerning scaling down or cancelling the race accordingly. Organizers in no way will be held responsible for the cancellation of the race and entry fees will not be refunded.

15. Event organizers are not responsible for being late to the race due to any issues regarding traffic situation on the race day.

16. Participation rights may be revoked depending on the results of on the day body temperature and the contents of the health monitoring check sheet submitted. (It will be treated as a personal reason due to poor physical condition and will not be refunded.)

17. <Regarding the cancellation of the race due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection>

If the organizer determines that it is difficult to hold the race safely, the race may be canceled due to COVID-19 domestic infection situation and the risk of spreading infection, especially a statement of emergency declaration and national event restriction. Regarding the entry fee that has already been paid, whether or not the refund will be made and the amount of the refund will be determined depending on the timing of the cancellation. In addition, the items described in this agreement may be additionally changed due to the status of COVID-19 infections and requests from the government and local governments.

18. After the race, if there is an infected person among the people involved in the race, we may ask you to cooperate with the public health center.

19. All photos and documents taken or used during the KIX Senshu International Marathon are copyrighted by the organizer. In addition, the right to post videos, photos, articles, records, etc. of the event on television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. belongs to the organizer.