The KIX Senshu International Marathon

The Senshu area comprised of 9 cities and 4 towns in southern Osaka is promoting the KIX Senshu International Marathon as one of the major sporting events in Japan with over 5,000 runners from across the country and overseas.
The 1st marathon was held in 1994 as an event commemorating the opening of Kansai International Airport.
The full marathon will start at Hamadera Park in Sakai city and finish at Rinku Park in Izumisano city.
On the way,at the 34km point,monster bridges awaits.
If you feel tough to run full marathon, please join in challenge run(20.4km).

The ever-changing course

Our marathon's course takes you through the historical Senshu area where you can view city centers as well as traditional castle. For the final 5 kilometers, you will run along Osaka Bay to the finish line near Kansai International Airport.

Two Big Bridges called the Monster Bridges

A challenge awaits you at 34km point where two big bridges called the Monster Bridges. Watch sea gulls glide and airplanes land and takeoff at KIX from the course.

Many Senshu supporters cheer you on with Japanese Traditional Beat

Run to the beat of traditional danjiri festival drums and flutes along the route as you invigorating marathon.

Experience not only the marathon but also abundant gifts from nature while visiting the Senshu Area.

Point 1. Richly Endowed with Nature

The Senshu Area is a quiet area with a wealth of nature within a 30 ride. There are many fisherman’s markets where visitors can buy and BBQ fresh fish, clams and vegetables while watching air planes land and take-off in front of a beautiful sunset. For dessert, how about some fresh fruit such as peaches or strawberries that is grown in the Senshu area. Let’s give them a try!!

Point 2. Traditional Culture

Senshu has some important cultural sites such as Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Kofun (one of the largest burial mounds in the world), Kishiwada Castle and Danjiri Museum. The Danjiri Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan and people come from all over Japan to watch it.

Point 3. Easy Accessibility from Overseas

Kansai International Airport is located in the center of the Senshu area with easy access to Senshu as well as Osaka City. We are looking forward to meeting you.